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Why buy the Brinsea Ovation 28 EX Incubator?

The Brinsea Ovation incubators are a range of all-digital, all-automatic egg incubators designed with ease of use and consistently high hatch rates in mind with a range of features to suit all bird breeders.

Combining, tough construction with high performance and egg capacity, the Ovation incubators are ideal for the serious breeder. The Ovation 28 EX model is a sophisticated, high performance incubator ideal for a wide range of species and applications. The high accuracy digital readout of humidity and comprehensive alarms help ensure high hatch rates. The EX Ovation model contains a built-in humidity pump which accurately maintains the humidity levels inside the incubator that the user has set. The Ovation 28 EX gives the user complete control.


Automatic Egg Turning –The Brinsea Ovation 28 EX has four egg carriers that rock the eggs carefully from side to side. These carriers hold 0-28 normal sized eggs (hen/duck) and 0-48 small-sized eggs (quail/pheasants). If there is a requirement for larger eggs, an optional extra of 3 large egg carriers which can hold up to 9 goose eggs (and 66 quail eggs) can be purchased separately.

Temperature Control –To maximise hatch rates, a successful incubator must maintain even air temperature. Brinsea’s computer modelled temperature mapping technology means no other brand on the market comes close.

Humidity Control –The Brinsea Ovation 28 EX makes the task of controlling humidity much easier. Humidity levels are displayed on the digital display and if higher levels are required then you can simply lift the incubator lid and add water to the fill points. This will assist in obtaining higher hatch rates.

Fan Assisted Airflow –The Ovation 28 EX incorporates Brinsea’s new ‘Induced Dual Airflow’ system which represents a breakthrough in incubator design and achieves new levels of temperature consistency for optimum incubation conditions.

Room Temperature Alarm –Although egg incubators control temperature, the very fine temperature stability needed for a successful hatch can be affected by large fluctuations in room temperatures, perhaps due to heating failure or weather extremes. Brinsea’s new room temperature alarm (patent applied for) is now fitted to all digitally controlled models and warns the user if room temperatures vary too widely so that action can be taken to protect the developing chicks.

Periodic Egg Cooling –Periodic egg cooling is a new feature of the Ovation series of incubators. Once switched on the incubator will stop heating for a set period of time that the user sets in order to imitate the natural nest.

Biomaster™ Anti-Microbial Plastic –The warm damp conditions inside egg incubators are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria which can infect developing chicks causing unexplained hatching failure. To help combat this problem Brinsea use Biomaster™ silver nano technology, developed for medical applications to safely destroy bacteria on contact.Warranty – The

Warranty –Brinsea Ovation 28 EX Incubator comes with 3 years guaranteed warranty.


Egg Capacities - approximate and assume standard carriers are used:
  • Quail - 48
  • Pheasant - 48
  • Hen - 28
  • Duck/Turkey - 28
  • Goose - 0
Egg Capacities - approximate and assume optional large carriers are used:
  • Quail - 66
  • Pheasant - 57
  • Hen - 21
  • Duck/Turkey - 21
  • Goose – 9

Product Specifications: 
  • Rated Voltage: 230V AC

  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz

  • Product weight (g): 3168

  • Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 447 x 332 x 223

  • Typical power consumption (Watts): 30

  • Maximum power consumption (Watts): 60



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