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The package includes 12 horizontal poultry nipples, 12 rubber gaskets and1 drill bit. It also comes with an installation helper and an instruction manual.

The chicken water nipple is designed to be leak-proof. The wing nut securely fastens the nipple and prevents leaks. The water stops immediately after drinking, keeping your chicken coop dry.

Installation is easy. Just drill a hole in the side of your container with our provided drill bit and screw the drinker nipple with the installation helper. If you install the poultry watering nipples on a flat surface, it will be better leakproof. If you install them on a thick container with considerable curvature, don’t worry, we have a roll of sealing tape to prevent leaks.

This automatic nipple keeps all the water clean and sanitary. It is designed to help chickens learn fast and works for chicks above two weeks old.

You can turn your existing PVC pipe, bucket, etc. into a highly efficient chicken drinking fountain with this DIY clean poultry waterer.