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The 56 Egg dual is a user-friendly automatic incubator for beginners and hobbyists. The revolutionary dual power setup has made incubating hassle free. It is a must for rural and remote areas. A standard car battery can power the incubator during electricity outages.

The plastic base and removable lid makes cleaning quick and easy. Turn your incubator into a hatcher by removing the egg trays.

Includes an interchangeable 154 Egg Quail tray as well as a starter kit(feeder, drinker, Candler and a water refill bottle) 


  • Rated Voltage: AC 230V/DC 12V
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated Power: 80W AC/120W DC
  • Temperature range: 33°C - 40°C
  • Dimensions: 53cm x 24cm x 50cm


Incubator Functions:

  • Setting Capacity: 56 Chicken Eggs/154 Quail Eggs
  • Hatching Capacity: 56 Chicken Eggs/154 Quail Eggs
  • Dual Power - 12 Volt or 220 Volt
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Display
  • Digital day Counter
  • Automatic Egg Turning (every 2 hours)
  • Temperature and humidity alarm (Humidity: below 45%; Temperature: >1°C from set point)
  • Standard egg trays can fit chicken, duck or guinea fowl eggs.