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112 Egg automatic roller incubator. Small scale poultry farming made easy. User friendly, easy to operate and clean. Perfect for continuous incubation. 

Load 36 eggs once a week to ensure a weekly supply of chicks. Incubate up to 144 eggs a month.   

Each incubator includes a FREE starter pack. This includes a chick drinker and feeder, misting spray bottle and egg candler (batteries not included). 

Remove 1/3 of the rollers to turn your incubator into a continuous incubator.

Turn your incubator into a hatcher by removing the egg rollers. 

*TIP: Keep your incubator in its polystyrene housing to increase efficiency and increase temperature stability.        

Free Delivery. Delivery  will take 2 - 7 business days.  


  • Rated Voltage:  AC 230V/12V DC 
  • Rated Frequency:  50Hz 
  • Rated Power: 80W 
  • Temperature range: 33°C - 40°C 
  • Dimensions: 51cm x 44cm x 33cm 

Incubator Functions:

  • Setting Capacity: 112 Chicken eggs/160 Quail Eggs(roller spacing: 18mm) 
  • Hatching Capacity: 56 Chicken eggs/80 Quail Eggs 
  • Digital Temperature Control 
  • Humidity Alarm 
  • Air circulation Fan 
  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Display 
  • Automatic Egg Turning  
  • FREE starter pack included  
  • Hatching grid 

6 month  warranty 


Video Guide on how to set up your roller incubator:

Please note: in the video a 24 egg incubator was used, but the same principles count for a 24, 56 and 112 egg incubator. 

Load Shedding solution - How to connect your incubator to a battery: