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Revolutionary Large LCD Display: Our incubator boasts a cutting-edge LCD screen that provides clear, intuitive readings for temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg rotation timing, and allows for precise digital temperature adjustments. This innovative feature simplifies monitoring and caretaking, making operation a breeze.

Durable Dual-Layer PE Construction: Crafted from tough double-layer PE material, this incubator ensures resilience during long-distance shipping, guaranteeing its arrival in pristine condition.

Slide-Out Roller Egg Tray: Designed to accommodate various egg types including chicks, ducks, quails, geese, birds, and pigeons, this tray has a whopping 1000-egg capacity for standard chicken eggs, and even more for smaller ones. It's user-friendly, easy to clean, and time-saving.

Automatic Egg Rotation: Our incubator features an automatic egg turner that gently rotates the eggs every 2 hours, significantly boosting hatching success rates. Say goodbye to constant manual adjustments, preserving vital humidity and reducing the risk of contamination.

Double-Layer Observation Window: Keep tabs on the hatching process with our convenient double-layer observation window, eliminating the need for frequent openings and preventing temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Efficient Humidity Control: Equipped with a spacious water tank and a meticulously designed element, our incubator ensures precise humidity control, eliminating concerns about dry burning or melting.

Safety Float Valve: This incubator comes with a safety float valve that prevents dry burning or melting of the water tray, adding an extra layer of protection to your investment.

Copper Fan for Longevity: A top-quality copper fan guarantees a lengthy lifespan while facilitating uniform temperature and humidity distribution throughout the entire incubator, ensuring a consistent hatching rate.

Silicon Heating System: Our incubator relies on a silicon heating system that maintains stable and accurate temperature levels throughout the hatching process.


  • Rated Voltage: AC 230V
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated Power: 1250W
  • Typical Power Consumption: 850W
  • Temperature Range: 33°C - 40°C
  • Product Size: 116cm x 62cm x 86cm
  • Product Weight: 40Kg

Incubator Functions:

  • Setting Capacity: 1000 Chicken Eggs (Approximate capacity - depends on egg size) 
  • Hatching Capacity: 1000 Chicken Eggs
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Automatic Humidity Regulation
  • Air Circulation Fan
  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Display
  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Hatching Grid
  • One-year warranty for parts and spares
  • Humidity Tray Safety Float Valve

Invest in our advanced 1000-egg incubator today and experience efficient, hassle-free egg incubation and hatching like never before, with added safety features to protect your valuable investment!

Enjoy peace of mind with our one-year warranty covering parts and spares. To save you time and expense, we'll ship replacement components directly to you in the rare event of an issue, along with easy-to-follow instructions for self-installation. Your satisfaction and hassle-free experience are our top priorities.

  • One-year warranty for parts and spares
  • Direct shipping of replacement components in case of issues
  • Easy-to-follow self-installation advise
  • Prioritizing your satisfaction and a hassle-free experience

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