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High quality material. The chicken feeder set made of strong and durable PP material. It is not easily damaged in complex environments such as farm chicken coops and can be reused. Because chickens love bright colors, our white design makes it more attractive for chickens to adapt to the feeder.

Effortless Feeding. The automatic gravity chicken feeders are perfect for backyard chicken keepers who want to save time and effort while ensuring their chickens are well-fed. The chicken feeder port operates on a gravity system, providing a steady supply of feed to your chickens without the need for daily feeding.

Weatherproof and Rat Proof. Each port has a hood as a rain shield to keep rain from flowing inside the feeder. The chicken food will stay dry and clean inside the bucket. Each feeder port is equipped with a stopper cap and a rubber ring that has a strong seal. You can close the port at night to keep critters and rodents out.

Wide application. The box includes 6 poultry feeder ports, 6 rubber rings, and 1 hole saw. Poultry feeder ports are suitable for containers such as buckets, boxes, bins, and troughs. You only need to have an unused container, and you can easily make automatic feeders. This is not only a waste reuse but also adds a lot of fun to your life and work.

Easy to Install and Clean. The chicken feeder is designed to fit any container size or shape, such as bucket, barrels, bins, troughs. The chicken feeder port is easy to install using the included hole saw. It’s also easy to remove for cleaning, with no hard-to-reach areas where dirt and feed can accumulate.