More information on Temperature Calibration

Greyling Wentzel

The incubators in our Delta Incubators range all come pre-calibrated, but they are digital thermometers and have to be calibrated every 3-6 months.



An Incubator is set to control a set point of 37.8°C. Anything below that temperature and the heating element will be on. As long as the element is on the temperature keeps rising. When it reaches 37.8°C the element switches off, but there is a lot off residual heat in the element and the temperature goes up to 38.4°C. The incubator now starts cooling down. It drops down to 37.7°C and the element turns back on again. This time the element is cold and needs some time to heat up. The temperature drops to 37.2°C before it starts picking up again. This cycle continues for the entire incubation period.

The egg temperature will be the average of the high and low temperature. 37.8°C.

We need to find the average temperature of the incubator before calibrating. Therefor the thermometer tip of your calibrating thermometer needs to be covered by at least 25mm (diameter) of putty or plasticine clay (prestic or similar substance will work). The incubator needs to run for at least 24 hours for the entire machine temperature to stabilize. This helps you find the average temperature (actual egg temperature) in the incubator.



Incubator thermometer: 37.8°C
Calibration thermometer: 38.7°C

1. Press and hold SET for 3 seconds.
2. Scroll down to F3.

3. Change F3 to 38.7°C

4. Press SET to save the new temperature.

5. Wait for 10 seconds to let the controller return to the home screen.

Your incubator thermometer is now calibrated. It is good practice to calibrate your incubator thermometer before every incubation season.