24 Egg Automatic Roller Incubator - Dual Voltage

R 1,999.00


56 Egg Automatic Roller Incubator - Dual Voltage

R 2,899.00

112 Egg Automatic Roller Incubator - Dual Voltage

R 3,899.00

New 24 Egg automatic roller incubator. Beat load shedding with this energy efficient dual voltage incubator. A standard car/gate motor battery can power the incubator during electricity outages. 

This incubator is ideal for small scale use. This easy to operate machine makes incubation trouble-free 

Each incubator includes a FREE starter pack. This includes a chick drinker and feeder, misting spray bottle and egg candler (batteries not included). 

112 Egg automatic roller incubator. Small scale poultry farming made easy. User friendly, easy to operate and clean. Perfect for continuous incubation. 

Load 36 eggs once a week to ensure a weekly supply of chicks. Incubate up to 144 eggs a month.   


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Use your machine as a hatcher and brooder. Easy to use, fully automatic and comes with a free starter kit (drinker, feeder and candler included). We courier countrywide and delivery is free. For more info whatsapp us on 0817997620



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